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Yaesu FT-101B Clarifier and TX/RX frequency alignment

This procedure worked for my FT-101B. It may or may not work for other models.

  1. Remove top and bottom covers.
  2. Attach voltmeter to VFO clarifier input.

  3. vfo connections

  4. Turn rig on, set clarifier to "0", rig in PTT receive mode.
  5. Read clarifier voltage.
  6. Set clarifier to "off."
  7. Adjust VR4 on back of clarifier so that you see the same voltage as when the clarifier was set to "0."

  8. And here is a closer view of VR4. You may notice that I had to loosen up the cabinet side to get at it:

  9. Make sure voltage is the same when you turn the clarifier between "0" and "off." Adjust again if necessary.
  10. Make sure heater switch is OFF, set rig to MOX.
  11. Now use the "zero" control on the top near the rear to set the clarifier voltage to the same value as you saw when the rig was in receive mode.

  12. Close up of "zero" control:

  13. You're done, close everything back up and enjoy!

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